Thai Sin City hookers caught on camera working during Covid-19 ban as cases surge


Dozens of Thai hookers were caught on camera last night (April 22) defying the country’s Covid-19 entertainment ban.

Footage shows the sex workers in skimpy clothes waiting for customers outside bars on a dark street in Thailand’s notorious Sin City of Pattaya as cases reached a record high of 2,070 today.

Locals complained that the girls were making too much noise and breaking a ban on nightlife venues operating which was introduced earlier this month amid a resurgence in Covid-19 infections.

Footage shows a driver cruising down the street at night where they negotiated a romp with one of the girls for 1,200 Baht (27GBP).

Speaking in the video, the woman adds: ‘If you want me to spend the night with you, it’s 3,500.’

The driver then pulls up alongside a second girl to ask the price for ‘short time’, to which she replies ‘1,200 baht and I’ll make you happy’.

Dozens more hookers were seen loitering around the area waiting for customers. The girls in the video were aslo maskless and ignoring social distancing orders – raising fears they could spread the deadly virus.

Footage of the sex workers appearing to be breaking Covid-19 rules was handed to police in the notorious city – best known for its round-the-clock adult nightlife – and they vowed to investigate.

Police Senior Colonel Adulayaphat Taephonchayasit said: ‘This is very dangerous if it’s really happening. Tonight we will go there to investigate. If anybody is breaking the emergency Covid-19 laws they will be punished according to the law.’

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry earlier this month ordered the closure of all entertainment venues including bars, soapy massage, strip clubs, karaoke bars, theatres, and amusement parks following a rise in Covid-19 cases linked to upmarket nightclubs and coyote bars in the capital Bangkok. Restaurants also have to close early at 9pm.

Thailand’s pandemic situation remained serious with 18 provinces labelled as red zones and 59 still at risk of an increase in infections. The country has recorded 48,113 cases and 117 deaths as of April 23.