Truck flips over spilling thousands of cans of beer on the road

A truck toppled over and spilled thousands of cans of beer on a road in Thailand.

The truck was approaching a tight curve in Surin province when it lost balance on January 8.

The driver tried to regain control of the vehicle but its cargo was too heavy which flung hundreds of boxes of the alcoholic drink across the road.

One of the witnesses said the driver clambered out of the overturned vehicle unscathed before going to a nearby village.

He said: ‘We saw him running towards the houses. Maybe the driver did not want to pay for all the beers that spilled.’

Concerned residents who saw the crash called the police for help to remove the blockade from the road.

Officers found the truck flipped on its side while some of the beer cans had burst from the impact.

One of the police officers who responded said: ‘The beer were being transported to a warehouse in Surin province from Khon Kaen.

‘We are investigating where the driver went and how the incident happened but no one was reported hurt from the incident.’