Paper mill which printed bank notes during WWII now abandoned in Thailand


A paper mill which printed bank notes during WWII is now abandoned in Thailand

The 86-year-old factory was built by a German engineer to produce pulp for the manufacturing of banknotes during the war in Kanchanaburi province in 1935.

Drone footage shows the eery ruins of the building, including the original water tower and chimney, on May 1.

The building, believed to be one of the first structures in the country that used modern architectural techniques, was turned over to the Thai Ministry of Defense after the war until it was shut down in 1982.

Developers offered to buy the mill to turn into a shopping centre and hotel but residents living nearby refused.

The mill has been standing derelict for almost 40 years but residents help to maintain the grounds, where they have picnics outside with their families.

The local government is planning to improve the compound and promote historical tourism with the help of the residents and business owners in the area.