Thai farmers harvest durian fruit as season for popular dish starts


Thai farmers were harvesting thousands of durian fruits across the country today (April 26) as the season starts for the popular dish.

Footage shows the fruit being gathered in Khon Kaen province in the northeast of the country before being sent to markets and food stands in the capital Bangkok.

Najawit Thathiranrat, a market manager in Khon Kaen, said: ‘Despite the outbreak of Covid-19, 18 fruit stores in the market were full of clients but they still had to follow the social distancing rules.

‘Some durian stores were empty within a few hours because the price is lower this year thanks to a large harvest.’

Durians were priced between 80 to 400 baht per kg depending on the variety. Popular types include Kanyao (Long Stalk), Monthong (Golden Pillow), Chanee (Gibbon), Nok Yip, Puang Manee, and Kradum (Button).