Lost deer has heart attack after wandering into busy city

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxkzw99n3e6cp3g/VRP26878.mp4?dl=0

A lost deer had a heart attack after wandering into a busy city in Thailand.

The barking deer was seen frantically running around a factory in Chonburi province on April 23.

Locals called the animal rescuers to save the deer but it was too scared to approach people and evaded them until it was too tired and appeared to have rested on the road.

The rescue team found the opportunity to take the male deer but as they placed a blindfold on the exhausted animal it suddenly had a seizure which led to a heart attack until it died.

Chaiwat Sapparat, 42, who works as a security guard in the the factory said the animal seemed to have wounds from sharp objects when they saw it so they were worried.

She said: ‘It jumped into our factory. We thought it was a dog but realised it was a deer. There were several wounds on its body which were possibly bites from dogs and sharp objects.

‘We tried to catch it but it kept running in circles. It was also having a hard time running on the concrete ground with its injuries so we had to call the rescuers.

‘It was such a shame that we couldn’t save it. We tried our best to be gentle to the animal but it was extremely terrified of the city.’

Staff from the local forestry department arrived to take the dead animal back to their facility for proper handling.