Adorable baby penguin splashes in pool after being born at Thai zoo


This adorable baby penguin was enjoying splashing in a pool after being born at a Thai zoo this week.

The newborn Humboldt penguin hatched at the Songkhla zoo, southern Thailand, on Monday (April 26) while its two siblings are expected to emerge any day.

The penguin eggs were laid five months after previous successful hatching of an egg happened at the zoo.

After a successful breeding season, the zoo now has 14 penguins so they are planning to hold an activity to celebrate the births.

Zoo chief Wanchai Tanwattana said: ‘This was the first penguin to hatch in our zoo this year so we are very happy. We also made fish lollies for the animals to celebrate World Penguin Day.’

Visitors were invited to name the baby penguins including the five-month-old that hatched before. The zoo will give a souvenir to the visitor who suggested the chosen name.

Humboldt penguins mostly live along the shores of Peru and Chile as they love the cold temperature between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. They lay one to three eggs every year which normally takes 39 days to hatch.