Penguins given mackerel ice lollies to mark World Penguin Day


Penguins were given mackerel ice lollies to mark the World Penguin Day at a zoo in southern Thailand.

Thirteen penguins were treated to the cold seafood during the celebration to raise awareness for the species in Songkhla zoo on April 25.

Zoo-keepers arranged the fish in circular blocks of ice resembling birthday cakes with candles before placing them at the foot of the pool where the excited penguins started to gather.

The animals each asked for a fish before happily jumping back to the water and returning to feast on the lollies after a few moments.

Zoo chief Wanchai Tanwattana said that aside from the special event, the ice lollies would help the penguins cool off during the summer season as temperatures reach an average of 37 degrees Celsius.

He said: ‘I want everyone to help protect the penguins by collectively reducing the causes of global warming. We have given them a special treat for this day which would also cool them off during the summer.’

The annual northern migration of Antarctic penguins coincides with the celebration. The World Penguin Day also highlights the destruction of their habitat resulting in some of its species being listed as endangered.