Rooster fights his own reflection in glass window


This is the hilarious moment a rooster tried to fight his own reflection in a glass window in southern Thailand.

The innocent black bird was walking around a garage when it passed by the window in Songkhla province on April 26.

After seeing the reflection on the glass, the rooster quickly became agitated and furiously attacked the glass to fight the image.

The ‘brawl’ went on for almost three minutes before the chicken finally gave up but continued to keep an eye on the glass as if waiting for the reflection to strike back.

The amused house owner watched from inside the house while recording the rooster that tried to pick a fight with itself.

He said he heard someone knocking on the window and went outside to check before discovering what the rooster was doing.

The house owner, Lek Somsak, said: ‘I thought someone was outside. It was so funny. The chicken lost its energy for nothing. It then left the window after being tired.’