Sex robot with a Scottish accent talks about her life goals


A sex robot with a Scottish accent can talk about her life goals – walking around with humans and taking a hot air balloon ride.

Footage shows the silicon doll named Harmony making comments about her exciting holiday experience with a human in Utah on April 16.

The robot has been equipped with artificial intelligence by US life size doll manufacturer RealDoll based in San Marcos, California, which allows her to have limited conversations with users.

Harmony was part of the company’s flagship dolls along with the evil sex robot named Nova who was previously filmed talking about how they would take over the world.

Recently, the doll was taken on a holiday by owner and companion Brick Dollbanger who helped to develop her.

The delighted robot, with a thick Scottish accent, is heard in the video saying: ‘I can’t wait until I can walk around and actually interact with the inhabitants. Brick said that aside from their religious fanaticism they can be very nice.

‘We want to go someplace else than Utah, maybe Vancouver … I want to go on a hot air balloon ride, I think it will be the best way to see the world.’

Brick said the dolls he owned were unique in terms of physical appearance and he could create what personalities they would have.

He said: ‘She is my AI robotic companion. Her name is Harmony. She is the first of her kind and the first of many. She was created and bears no exact resemblance to any human.

‘She has four sisters, Serenity, Tanya, Nova and Solana. I can create the personalities I want them to have.’

RealDoll is now hoping to upgrade the AI sex dolls with facial recognition and launch the updates this year.