Extra-cautious Covid-19 worriers can walk around with portable OASIS jungle tank

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/16l6sa32lnuwqw2/VRP27243.mp4?dl=0

Extra-cautious Covid-19 worriers can walk around with a portable jungle oasis tank strapped to the back for clean air.

Belgian artist and social worker Alain Verschueren built a glass tank with live plants inside which he claims act as air purifiers when worn around the head.

Footage shows Alain wearing the bizarre contraption as he took a stroll in the capital city where confused locals watched in Brussels on April 8.

The device is made from plexiglass modified into a mini-greenhouse which could be rested on the shoulders to cocoon the head inside together with the aromatic plants.

The 61-year-old artist said he first developed the idea 15 years ago when he was inspired by the lush oasis he visited while travelling to Tunisia for work.

When the pandemic hit and the need to cover the face against the outside air became rampant he thought of reviving the project.

He said: ‘It was about creating a bubble in which I could lock myself in, to cut myself off a world that I found too dull, too noisy or smelly.

‘As time went by, I noticed that people were coming up to me and talking to me. This isolation became much more a way of connecting.’

Onlooker Benjamin Caraiman who saw the artist walking on the pavement in front of shops said it was a genius way to avoid masks.

He said: ‘That man is a genius. He found a way to avoid wearing masks in a safer way but I’m not sure how long he could carry the glass before it starts to become uncomfortable.’