Wild monitor lizard found sunbathing on family’s roof

A family were shocked after finding a 6ft-long monitor lizard sunbathing on their ROOF.

Pimaksara Hiranrat, 43, noticed the reptile calmly perched on the tip of the house in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, on January 10.

When she went out of the house, she didn’t know the cheeky lizard had already invaded part of her home.

But when the dogs started barking aggressively while looking up the roof, they were shocked to see it was there.

Some of her neighbours arrived to help her get rid of the reptile but without success.

They sprayed water on it, and scared it with a stick, but the lizard laid there not minding the people so the house owner called the animal rescuers.

When the reptile catchers arrived, they stood on the back of their truck to use as a platform and reach the reptile. They then held out a pole with a noose at the end to secure the lizard in the neck.

The reptile struggled but the rescuers were able to catch it in only 15 minutes.

The house owner thanked the rescuers before they drove away to release the reptiles to the wild.

Pimaksara said: ‘I believe the monitor lizard is a lucky omen so I mixed my house number with the rescuer’s car license plate to use in the lottery.’