Green parrot couple cuddle in front of traffic camera in Brazil


This is the adorable moment a pair of green parrots cuddled in front of a traffic camera in Brazil.

The bird couple was seen standing on the metal railings next to the highway surveillance camera in Sao Paulo on April 3.

One of the creatures rubbed its beak on the feather of his partner as they were filmed cuddling.

The creatures briefly rested but appeared curious about the recording device before walking around the railings.

One of the birds even went closer to the camera while directly looking at the shiny lens.

The pair spent around two minutes on top of the pole with the camera before flying off together to their next destination.

A representative of AutoBan, the company who manages the motorway, said they entered on a partnership with non government organization Mata Ciliar Association to help protect the birds in major highways.

He said: ‘The partnership started in 2009 since we saw an increase in birds checking out the caermas.

‘All of the wild animals rescued in the Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System are sent to them so they could help rehabilitate them and facilitate its release.’