Jealous man jumps onto moving car to stop his ex-girlfriend from leaving


Shocking CCTV footage shows a man jumping onto a moving car to stop his ex-girlfriend from leaving.

The unidentified young lad parked his motorbike in front of a grocery store and waited for a woman in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on April 22.

When a red sedan arrived, he went closer to talk to the female driver who was reportedly his ex-girlfriend and tried to persuade her to get back together.

However, as the woman tried to drive away with another man inside the car, the heartbroken lad clung to the vehicle to stop them from leaving.

Shop owner Boonthaem Namuangrak, 61, said she had to call her neighbours for help as the young man refused to let go of the car.

She said: ‘I could hear them arguing from inside my shop. Then I saw him grabbing the car. I thought he could be hurt so I called my neighbours to come and help him.

‘Some of those who helped blocked the car to prevent anyone from being hurt. I think they were all emotional when it happened.’

The man had to be taken to the hospital after injuring his feet but he was not seriously hurt and was allowed to return home after being given first aid treatment.

Police are not investigating the incident which they said was a private disagreement between the couple.

Police┬áLieutenant Yanphol Ongphun said: ‘They will resolve the matter themselves but if not they can call the police to help them.’