Motorcycle riders save lost poodle wandering along highway in Malaysia


This is the heartwarming moment motorcycle riders saved a lost poodle wandering in the middle of a highway in Malaysia.

The brown toy dog named Dafi had been missing from home for two weeks before it was spotted running across a motorway in Kuala Lumpur on April 15.

Motorbike riders who saw the confused pooch immediately attempted to catch it but as it appeared scared of strangers the animal evaded the men trying to help.

After almost two minutes of securing the dog, they were able to push it out of the dangerous road until it ran into the safety of a garden next to a building.

Onlooker Fatin Syahirah who was on a car behind the riders said the the dog suddenly ran in the middle of the road so concerned riders tried to chase it.

She said: ‘I was shocked when the puppy ran in the middle of the road. I recorded the event to help find the owner in case it was a lost pet.’

A good Samaritan who lived nearby volunteered to take care of the dog until its owner Steven Chong contacted him on April 26 to reunited with his pet.

Steven Chong said the dog had been missing since April 12 after bungling staff at a pet day care centre accidentally left their door opened and let the dog out.

He said: ‘I placed my dog at pet day care because I went out for work. I was informed that they lost my dog because they accidentally left the door open and my dog ran out.

‘I am so grateful for everyone of you who has been trying to help and I can’t thank you enough. Bless all of you, my fellow Malaysians.’

The pet owner said Dafi still appeared to be in shock but he was generally healthy and did not have any injuries.