Bizarre UFO with ‘metallic ring floating inside’ spotted in Texas


Residents were baffled after seeing a bizarre UFO ‘with a metallic ring floating inside it in Texas.

The shiny spinning disc was seen hovering over a golf course before it appeared to have landed on the ground in Irvine on April 25.

Footage was recorded by a man who was visiting the area with his friends. They then saw the strange object reflecting the sunlight from a distance.

A man was heard saying in the background: ‘You see that? That’s not a weather balloon, dude, it’s flat.

‘It’s moving really weird, it’s like spinning and it’s got another disc inside of it that’s spinning.’

He described the object as a ‘large metallic ring that floated around a separate metallic sphere within the ring, like a flying armillary sphere.’

Two days later another man claimed to have spotted a glowing UFO during the night this time in Del Rio, Texas on April 27.

The second video recorded by resident Josh Kali appeared to have lights in it while it appeared to descend and then completely vanishing.