Iron gate falls onto three-year-old girl who emerges unscathed


A three-year-old girl had a lucky escape after an iron gate toppled over and landed on top of her.

The toddler, named Bella, was pushing the metal barrier along runners outside her grandfather’s home in Hat Yai, southern Thailand, on April 24.

However, she pushed so strongly that the gate crashed into the post and dislodged from the grove along the ground that the wheels fit inside.

CCTV shows how the heavy blue gate fell on top of Bella and pinned her to the ground as she cried out in pain. Her grandfather, Sathit, 50, rushed over to lift up the gate and the girl wandered out.

Bella’s mother Methita May said her daughter suffered only cuts on her chin from where she landed on the hard concrete.

She said: ‘We were very lucky that my daughter was not seriously hurt. We took her to hospital and the doctors checked her.

‘Now we will install a safety lock so they gate cannot fall over.’