Chinese boy survives terrifying buffalo attack after animal accidentally flings him under parked car


A Chinese boy survived a terrifying buffalo attack after the animal accidentally flung him under a parked car – where he sheltered from a deadly goring.

The scared youngster, aged nine, ran away from the farm animal as it rampaged through a residential area in Fujian province, China, on April 25.

CCTV footage shows how the lad fled into a nearby garden but the water buffalo sniffed him out and flung him in the air with its horns.

The buffalo repeatedly jammed its head into the boy as he cowered on the ground then flung him into the air once more. However, in a lucky twist of fate, the boy landed under a car which appears to have saved his life.

As the buffalo tried to inflict a potentially deadly goring, it knocked its head on the car bumper.

The lad scrambled further under the vehicle to hide and apologised to the animal. He is heard in the video saying: ‘I am sorry brother buffalo, please do not hit me.’

Fortunately, the disorientated buffalo decided turned to walk away and its victim eventually stood back on his feet with only minor injuries on his body.

Local police in the city of Longyan reported that the buffalo had attacked four other residents. According to reports, three of them have already been discharged and one is still in hospital for observation.

Officers have now managed to narrow down the search for the buffalo to just the Matou Mountain area.