Cyclist meets friendly giraffe on biking trail in South Africa


A cyclist was stunned after meeting a friendly giraffe while on a biking trail in South Africa.

Timmy Mosert was cycling with his girlfriend when they came across a herd of seven giraffes around two hours into the route in Johannesburg on April 24.

The couple watched the wild animals pass by but an apparently curious one left its group to interact with the strangers in the savannah.

Footage shows the giraffe smelling the checking out the cyclist who immediately bowed down to avoid startling the animal.

The cyclist said they watched the herd from a distance when one of them approached them and started ‘investigating.’

He said: ‘After watching for close to an hour we braved going around this gentle giant as instructed by the bike park but we were stopped for an investigation.

‘As the giraffe approached me I kept backing up and looking down to be respectful and non aggressive.

‘As I backed up the giraffe kept coming my way to sniff and it wasn’t until I was around him that I was relieved and joyful. It was truly the best experience of my life.’

Timmy and his girlfriend were able to pass by the trail unharmed as the animal was apparently only curious about them.