Elephants cool off with refreshing showers as temperatures soar in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lld6gcgoxxytza2/VRP28081.mp4?dl=0

Elephants cooled off with refreshing showers as temperatures soared to 35 degrees Celsius in Thailand.

Adorable footage shows the jumbos being sprayed with water and swimming in paddling pools while delighted zoo visitors watch in Songkhla province on April 27.

Seventy-four-year-old elephant Auntie Malee, who is one of the oldest jumbos in the zoo, preferred being drizzled with water but the younger animals such as Suai enjoyed the pool more.

A rubber ring was placed in the rock pool for the young jumbos to play with while splashing themselves in the 2ft-deep water.

Songkhla zoo chief Wanchai Tanwattana said the animals would usually ask for bananas or mangoes from the staff but the jumbos only cared for the water this time.

He said: ‘The elephants enjoyed their bath very much that they have forgotten to task for mangoes and bananas as a treat. They only focused on cooling themselves off.’

The summer season in Thailand usually lasts from April to June before the rainy season begins from July and lasts until October. The country is generally warm throughout the year but hotter weathers could soar the temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius.