Deadly cobra found behind woman’s underwear drawers


A deadly cobra was caught after it was found hiding a woman’s underwear drawers in Thailand.

The house owner was putting her freshly-washed knickers into the cabinet when she heard a hissing noise behind the furniture in Roi Et province on April 28.

She quickly ran outside the room and called the animal rescuers for help as she thought the sound was made by a venomous snake.

When the rescue team arrived they searched for the animal and found it still hiding behind the plastic drawers in the woman’s bedroom.

The woman Thida Chen said she panicked and told her family to leave the house immediately as there was a snake in her bedroom.

She said: ‘The sound was loud. I knew it was from a venomous snake and it sounded like it was from a big one so I rushed outside with my family.’

The snake was finally caught after 20 minutes by luring it out of its hiding space. The drawers were also pulled to make space to catch the animal.

Thida thanked the rescuers who took the 5ft-long snake from their property and released it back into the wild.

She said: ‘The snake may have been sheltering from the rain when it entered the house and was scared of people so it hid in the tight space behind the cabinet.’