Heart-stopping moment motorcycle rider pulls off epic save to avoid being hit by an oncoming truck

This is the heart-stopping moment a motorcycle rider skidded to avoid being crushed under the wheels of an oncoming truck.

The man had sped out of a side road and was joining the high way in Quang Ngai, Vietnam, on January 7.

However, at the same time there was a 12-wheel lorry carrying construction debris hurtling down the dual-carriageway.

CCTV shows how the motorcycle rider pulled off an epic save and drifted like a pro racer as he skidded towards the truck.

Fortunately, he killed enough speed to turn and roll away – just inches from hitting the rails on the side of the truck and being dragged under the wheels.

Shopkeeper Do Son, who owns the surveillance camera, said he often watches back the video due to the frequent accidents that happen on the stretch of road but this brush with death astonished him.

He said: ‘This is one of the scariest things I have ever see. He could easily have died, all because of a small mistake. You can see how close he was to touch the truck. He would have felt the wind as it passed by his face.’