Delivery man carries 40 trays of EGGS on the back of his scooter


A talented delivery man can carry 40 trays of eggs on the back of his scooter – to get the products on time to his demanding customers.

Footage shows the worker balancing the dairy products on the back seat through a market in Chonburi province, eastern Thailand on April 13.

The man in the video Watchara Chomkhun, 41, has been taking the eggs from their shop and delivering them to vendors in the market for more than a decade.

Watchara said even when the trays are stacked 6ft above his head, he has never dropped a single egg in his entire career.

He said: ‘I used to carry five trays at first but it took too much time and the customers kept complaining about late deliveries.

‘I then levelled it up from five to ten, 15, and now 40 trays. I broke some eggs when I was an apprentice and still learning but now I am an expert and have not broken any eggs in my whole career.’

One of Watchara’s customers, an egg shop owner, said that the delivery man always brings their orders on time with the help of the scooter.

He said: ‘The route to the market had a lot of intersections and alleys so bringing a car would only delay the delivery. By using the scooter and his balancing skills he is able to bring the eggs ton time.’