Former British Marine facing 12 years in hell hole prison for ‘drug smuggling’ in Indonesia

A former British Marine is facing up to 12 years in a hell hole third-world prison for allegedly smuggling drugs in Indonesia.

Steve Gerald Bryn Saunders, 62, was arrested after police raided his hotel room and allegedly found crystal meth in the toilet in Kuta Badung, Bali on December 28.

Police said they found a package containing 0.76 grams of the illegal substance including an aluminum and glass pipe hidden behind the bowl.

After the initial investigation Denpasar Court House Prosecutor I Gusti Lanang Suyadnya said on April 27 that the pensioner could face jail for drug crimes.

He said: ‘The suspect finally admitted that the drugs were his after previously denying it.

‘Steve will be potentially sentenced with 12 years of imprisonment for violating Article 112 Number 1 of Narcotics Constitutions.’

The former soldier was investigated after the local police reportedly received information that a foreigner had been bringing in drugs to the hotel.

When the police arrived at the hotel to investigate they said they saw Steve leaving his room ‘with suspicious behavior’ so they decided to search him and his room.

Officers allegedly found meth and drug paraphernalia. Steve denied they were his and said that they belonged to someone else.

However police said that the Brit could not provide evidence that the illegal substances were not his so the police proceeded with the case.

Steve has been still detained at the Denpasar Police Station awaiting decision for the charges.