Stray dog being nursed back to health after cruel local shoots it with arrow


A stray dog is being nursed back to health after being shot with an arrow by a cruel resident.

The four-year-old white pooch was allegedly blasted by a still unidentified person in Trat province, Thailand, on April 21.

Locals saw the whimpering dog running towards the Nong Samet Buddhist temple to take shelter as the sharp arrow hung from its body.

They called the animal rescuers for assistance to help the injured two-year-old dog that frantically cried in pain inside the compound.

One of the residents said they saw a ‘figure’ of a person carrying a harpoon in one of the dark alleys nearby but they did not see the face or noticed the gender of the attacker.

He said: ‘When we found the dog it kept running around in pain. I remember I saw someone walking in the alley that appeared to be carrying a harpoon. I was not able to see the face or the gender clearly because it was dark.’

Four rescue members held the dog down while two of their colleagues give first aid treatment to the dog and remove the arrow from its body.

When the sharp object was removed they tied its body to keep it restrained while they take it to the veterinary clinic where it will be checked further.

One of the rescuers, Chokchai Chomsuay, said: ‘The stray dog was terrified. We secured its mouth so it would not bite us. We also tied its limbs so that it wouldn’t aggravate its wounds by moving too much.’

The dog’s attacker have not yet been identified but the locals have already reported the incident to the police.