Car cover tossed around by strong winds during storm in Thailand


This is the moment a car cover was tossed around in the air by strong winds during a storm in Thailand.

Footage shows the material appearing to ‘dance’ while it was being carried away by the gusts over a car park next to an apartment building in Chachoengsao province on April 29.

Resident Sirikorn Fahmai was on her balcony removing clothes from her drying rack when she saw the car cover flying around.

Sirikorn said the object looked like an extraterrestrial form when it moved relentlessly over the ground so she watched the incident and forgot about the clothes for a moment.

She said: ‘If it’s gone, I will tell the owner that his car cover just decided to leave him and fly back to its original planet.’

The strong wind passed after 15 minutes and the car cover was left sprawled on the ground.