Gibbon walks along electricity lines like drunk pirate Jack Sparrow in Cambodia


This is the amusing moment a monkey was seen running along power lines – waving its arms like captain Jack Sparrow.

The well-balanced gibbon left locals baffled when it emerged on the street in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on March 4.

Footage shows the endangered ape walking quickly along a thick black line of electricity cables hanging over the street. It then hopped over a post and swung along the next set of wires.

The black and grey pileated gibbon resembled movie pirate Jack Sparrow – played by troubled actor Johnny Depp – who is best known for his dandy walk and flailing arms.

Onlooker Ronnie Sa said: ‘I’ve never seen monkeys in Phnom Penh before. It was strange. But I was amazed at how comfortable the monkey was on the electricity lines.’

The primate is native to Cambodia’s deep jungles. Conservationists believe there are around 48,000 of these types of acrobatic long-armed gibbons left in Southeast Asia in the wild.

It is unclear how the gibbon ventured into the sprawling city or how it has survived but some believe it may have been semi-domesticated and live in a nearby park or home.