Couple with quick reactions dodge falling branch during storm


This is the shoking moment a couple dodged a falling tree branch during a summer storm in Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the debris smashing onto the ground as a startled man and his wife stepped back to avoid it in Chonburi province on April 26.

Somboon Tanyakul, 35, said him and his wife Kunlada Teeratharakul, 40, were delivering audio speakers to a funeral in the temple when heavy rain started to pour.

The couple was waiting for the storm to pass at a shop while wearing their coat when the 100-year-old tree branch almost fell on them.

Somboon said he was inches from being hit by the debris but it landed on the rear wheel of his motorbike instead causing some scratches on the two-wheeler.

The husband said: ‘I was about to take my glasses and then the broken wood smashed on the ground. I was so shocked as it was only centimetres away from my head.

‘It fell from 20 metres above. It almost hit my wife as well. If I was hit on the head I could have been injured or dead by now.’

No one was hurt from the incident but the parked motorbike was slightly damaged with a few scrape on its rear.