Biker emerges unscathed after falling under truck wheels in the Philippines

This is the heart-stopping moment a motorist’s head was inches from
being crushed when he rode out in front of an oncoming truck.

The rider had pulled away from the side of the road without noticing the 10-wheel lorry over his shoulder in Cavite, the Philippines on January 6.

CCTV footage shows how the front of the vehicle clipped the rider and sent him crashing to the ground.

He tumbled under the truck but landed in the gap between the front wheels on the cabin and the back wheels on the trailer.

The driver heard the collision and slammed on the brakes – giving just enough time for the quick-thinking rider to scramble to safety and avoid being ran over.

If he hadn’t rolled back towards the pavement, the truck’s wheels would have rolled over him and almost certainly have crushed him to death.

Locals rushed over to help the rider to his feet. He stood up and dusted himself down before limping over to the pavement to recover from the shock. Nobody was seriously injured but the rider needed to pay for the repairs to his bike.

Video of the near-miss was captured by street cameras owned by the local government authority.