Elephants dance and perform tricks for customers while they eat in restaurant in Thailand

Elephants dance and perform tricks to entertain customers in a restaurant in Thailand.

Curious visitors watch the trained elephants at the Western Cowboy Restaurant Coffee Town in Ratchaburi province.

Aside from being a restaurant, the building is also used as a training centre for animals that appear in movies. Owner Jetsada Singto, 39, thought of combining the two aspects to create a unique tourist attraction.

Jetsada said: ‘I began the business by breeding and training horses, and then the farm was expanded.

‘After the coronavirus outbreak, I turned my business to a restaurant and brought elephants, horses and other animals inside to entertain customers.’

The eatery’s main star is Phlai Rachaburi, a five-year-old male elephant that has been working there for at least seven months. The intelligent jumbo was said to be friendly and has multiple skills in his repertoire, including acting, dancing, and even drawing pictures.

Phlai’s mahout Wittaya Prasaranang, 35, said: ‘Phlai has a beautiful shape, and a face similar to Ganesha (a deity of wisdom and prosperity in the Hindu pantheon). Unlike other elephants, his hair and skin are soft and not stiff.

‘He has a playful character, cheerful and kind, and good at dancing. He’s very calm and likes to play with children. Easy to get along with.’

Diners at the restaurant can also enjoy other performances featuring horses, ponies, and birds while enjoying delicious meals like premium steak cuts.