Filipino twins praised by actor Will Smith show off awesome beatboxing skills


Two talented Filipino twins who did an amazing beatboxing remix together was praised by Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Footage shows 16-year-old youngsters Joemar and Jake Canencia producing beat and sound effects using their hands and mouth in Cebu province, the Philippines on December 12.

Men In Black and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star Will Smith posted a video of the duo last month. He wrote: ‘Before the internet people would just be good at something like this and nobody would know – Tragedy! Shoutout Jomar & Jake… this is spectacular!

The siblings had been beatboxing since they were only five-years-old but their talents were discovered by more people in 2018 when they performed in front of class.

After their videos were widely shared in the internet, the American actor and rapper noticed their talents and posted a video of the two in his Instagram account.

The boys’ teacher Johnrey Rafols said he was amazed when he found the twins beatboxing after class so he decided to record them.

He said: ‘They were enrolled in our school I saw them making music and was amazed at how good it sounds. They were only playing then and doing it for fun. I think they don’t realize how good they are.’

The teacher helped the two boys join a local television talent contest in the Philippines and won the fourth place by beatboxing.

Teacher Johnrey added the two boys are still studying while running a mini-show on YouTube performing music and documenting their lives in the province.

He said: ‘They are doing great here. They are enjoying their lives as students while being able to create music and share it to other people online.’