Cleaners in colourful power rangers style hazmat suits battle Covid-19 surge in Thailand


Cleaners in colourful ‘Power Rangers’ style hazmat suits helped to battle the Covid-19 surge in Thailand.

Footage shows the workers installing spraying disinfectants inside public venues and government offices while wearing the bright neon suits in Khon Kaen province on May 4.

After the coronovirus cases spiked in the northeastern part of the country, several measures were imposed such as regular sanitation of public spaces.

Rescuers volunteered to regularly sanitise the common areas and even built an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation device that could kill viruses on difficult surfaces such as inside cars and public vehicles.

Phatphong Phusingh, member of the volunteer team, said: ‘We have been doing this since the early outbreak. We spent 300 baht for every hazmat suit and another 1,500 baht for the disinfectant solution.’

The volunteer added that residents directly contact them for help in cleaning their communities so they rely on donations.

He said: ‘Several people in the city directly contacted us to help clean certain locations. They normally just cover 1,800 baht for the cleaning solutions and the rest that they give us is donation if they choose to.’

Thailand recorded 2,112 new Covid-19 cases on Monday (May 3) and 15 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 74,900 with 318 dead.