Pool shot fail! Player accidentally chips white ball onto another lad’s HEAD

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr7gbwg22c30qzt/VRP28841.mp4?dl=0

A pool player pulled off an embarrassing break fail – chipping the cue ball into the air onto another lad’s HEAD.

The youngster was playing eight ball at a hall in Thach Ha, Vietnam when he tried to smash the white into the pack.

However, he tried to use so much force that he completely lost control of the shot and ended up firing the white ball into the air.

CCTV footage shows how it travelled to the opposite table where another player was lining up his shot when the ball whacked him on the back of the head.

Fortunately he was not hurt and saw the funny side of the incident – avoiding a brawl over the unexpected sporting mishap.

Shop owner Boy Ngoan said: ‘I honestly didn’t know that had happened in my shop. There was a student who requested to review the CCTV so I opened it, then when we saw what happened we laughed so hard. I talked to them both, but I found out that they were friends and nothing happened after that.’