Enormous monitor lizard fights rescue team in Thailand

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgwt3tsqulieblt/VRP28936.mp4?dl=0

An enormous monitor lizard fought with an animal rescue team after it was caught in a family’s back garden in northern Thailand.

The 7ft long aggressive reptile was spotted wandering through the yard appearing to look for food in Phitsanulok province on May 2.

Worried residents confronted the beast but it tried to whip them with its huge tail while snarling at them with its sharp teeth. They ran out of the property before calling the emergency services for help.

When the animal rescue team arrived, the angry reptile evaded the volunteers and even tried to bite them while they wrestled with the animal on the lawn.

Animal rescuer Nadech Mohda, 38, said the monitor lizard was one of the biggest he had seen of its kind in his career.

He said: ‘It was so big and weighed more than 50kg. We had to be very careful in every step to avoid the tail and its mouth.

‘Residents also came to cheer us before I pushed it to the ground. It eventually lost energy and we could overpower it.’

One of the rescuers pulled the reptile by the tail to prevent it from biting his colleague who was trying to cover its head with a cloth.

The volunteers eventually managed to wrap the cloth on its head and tie its mouth with a rope. They took the animal to their van to take it back to their facility.

The reptile was turned over to the Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to find a new home for the animal.