Loyal pet dog still waiting for owner to return two weeks after they were taken to hospital and died from Covid-19

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ag3ob85ueqn6r6z/VRP28983.mp4?dl=0

A loyal pet dog is still waiting for his owner to return home more than two weeks after they were taken to hospital and died from Covid-19.

The pooch’s owner Saeng-Ngern Thanarungwit, 76, was admitted on April 20 and passed away from coronavirus on April 29 while his family members who were also infected and had to be taken to the hospital – leaving the home alone.

Footage shows the brown dog standing inside a garage while loyally guarding the property against strangers in Chachoengsao province on May 4.

The pooch has been staying alone in the house and being taken care of by concerned neighbours who feed it through the gate until the other family members have recovered and can return home.

One of their neighbours who come to feed the dog said the pooch was gentle but he always seemed scared and lonely because he had been alone in the house for more than a week.

Arnon Namporn said: ‘The dog’s owner died because of the virus. He seems so sad because he’s alone and the other people in the family were taken to the hospital.

‘We have been coming to give the dog food ever since we found out it was alone. At first we did not know that all of the family members were at the field hospital so it must have starved for days before we found out.’

The neighbour added that they plan to bring the dog some food and water until the family were recovered to return home.

He said: ‘The dog does not have anyone now. I hope the family returns soon so that it would not be as lonely. We feed it but it must have been sad being alone in the house.’

Thailand recorded 2,112 new Covid-19 cases on Monday (May 3) and 15 deaths, taking the total number of infections recording since the pandemic began to 74,900 with 318 dead.