Giant 37ft long whale washes up on a beach in Thailand

An enormous 37ft-long whale was found dead after it washed up on a beach in Thailand.

The dead Bryde’s whale was discovered on the rocky part of the shore close to a village on the island of Koh Samui on Monday morning (Jan 11).

Villagers called the local marine life centre to handle the animal that was already rotting when found.

The centre’s staff arrived with a backhoe to carry the giant animal back to the facility as it weighed more than one tonne.

Veterinarians found that there was no food in its digestive system which means that the whale wasn’t able to find food, causing it to become weak and die.

They believed the current pushed its dead body to the beach where it was found dead.

Pimchanok Prajamkai, a veterinarian at the Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, said it will be difficult to determine why it was not able to find food as most of its internal organs had decomposed.

He said: ‘Since the body of the whale is rotting, we were not able to find out how it died exactly but we will do our best. We will keep its DNA for further research.’

The team took samples of the whale’s fins so that they could be sent for further investigations by other marine life research departments.

The rest of its body will be buried and its bones will be kept at a local museum.