Heartbreaking moment stray dog tries to revive his friend hit by a car

This is the heartbreaking moment a dog tried to wake up its dead friend after being hit by a car in the Philippines.

The stray dog was seen using its paws to prod the collapsed pooch on the pavement in Iloilo City on January 10.

Onlooker Mark Vincent Java said he was driving home with his family from a friend’s funeral when they saw the saddening scene.

He said: ‘We were all in tears while watching the dog as my friend had just died. This felt like a double tragedy.

‘The way my friend died was very similar. His family desperately tried to wake him up. Maybe the dog felt the same way.’

Mark believe the dog had died in an alleged hit-and-run by a speeding car as the area was dark at night.

He added that they informed a nearby village official outpost about the dogs, but the loyal pooch did not leave its friend until the car drove away.

Mark said: ‘The dog stayed with its friend while letting out whimpering sounds even after we left. The village officers said they would help them.’