Boy, 10, dies after eating ‘chicken satay laced with Cyanide that bitter woman sent to her ex-boyfriend’


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A ten-year-old boy died after eating a chicken satay laced with Cyanide that a bitter woman allegedly sent to her ex-boyfriend in Indonesia.

Schoolboy Naba Faiz Prasetya was given the grilled snack by his father Bandiman, a delivery rider, after the customer – and its intended victim – refused the order.

After taking a few bites, the boy started to complain about a painful burning sensation in his neck and fell unconscious while his mother vomited and had a stomach ache. Frantic father Bandiman then rushed his family to the hospital with the help of neighbours but the boy later died while his wife is still recovering.

Naba was found to have died of potassium cyanide poisoning by doctors after being rushed to the hospital in Yogyakarta province on April 25.

The food was later traced back to a woman identified as Nani Apriliani Nurjaman, 25, who allegedly mixed poison into the food to take revenge against her former lover. She was arrested and could now face the death penalty.

Grieving father Bandiman said he was devastated about what happened and wished he could turn back time and throw the poisonous chicken away.

He said: ‘I didn’t expect my son to die in such a tragic way. I wish I could turn back time and throw the chicken away. It did not look suspicious at all.

‘I ate some of it as well as my other child but we were both fine but Naba fell unconscious after complaining of a burning sensation in the neck. My wife also vomited.’

The devastated father added that a woman made the chicken order and asked him to deliver it to a man who refused to accept them as he did not know who the sender was.

He said: ‘The woman instructed me to tell the recipient of the order that a man had sent them. The recipient refused to accept and told me to take the food home instead.’

Commissioner Burkan Rudy Satria, director of the Yogyakarta Regional Police General Criminal Investigation, said that they began an investigation after receiving the poisoning report from the hospital.

He said: ‘Cyanide was mixed with the satay spices so that from this incident we can conclude that this was premeditated or planned.’

The investigating team followed the CCTV footage in the area where Bandiman took and delivered the food until they were able to trace it to the woman, who was arrested on April 30.

Commissioner Burkan said: ‘The suspect is a worker at a salon. He ordered satay and mixed it with poison to give to his former lover. She admitted to have been sending the poisoned chicken to take revenge because the man married another woman.’

Since Nani allegedly confessed to premeditated murder and could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, life imprisonment, or the death penalty.