Driver dodges overloaded pickup truck driving straight at them


This is the scary moment a driver swerved away from an overloaded pickup truck that was driving straight at them – then watched as it wobbled across the road.

Sunita Niyompong was driving with her girlfriend Jitnarin Thangthrong on a mountain road in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, when the reckless vehicle came speeding towards them.

Quick-thinking Sunita swerved onto a grass verge to avoid a potentially fatal head-on collision. They looked in their rearview mirror and saw the truck wobbling from side-to-side as it careered towards a bend in the road.

Miraculously, the truck driver regained control without having an accident. The driver did not stop after the incident on May 4.

Jitnarin said: ‘We’re lucky that we could dodge this and you’re lucky the car didn’t flip. At least, you should apologise not just speeding up your car to get away.

‘I don’t know why the driver was on the wrong side of the road but I suspect he had fallen asleep at the wheel. If people are tired they should stop driving and take a rest.’