Elephant arrives at same spot every year to eat his favourite leaves

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ojoq2518wmwqv5o/VRP29413.mp4?dl=0

An elephant arrives at the same spot every year to eat his favourite leaves.

Footage shows employees from the Thai Meteorological Department handing betel nut leaves to the wild jumbo in Khao Yai province on April 30.

The compound inside a national park is visited by the jumbo named Lub around the same time every year as his favourite palm tree leaves grow in the area.

Last year, the elephant pulled over a tree and accidentally destroyed a wall so employees cut the leaves for the animal this time.

Employee Suttiwat said: ‘He sneaked into the office once as he loves the betel so much. Even though we closed the gate, he knew how to open it and get inside. Therefore, we had to deliver the leaves to him.’