Talented finds snakes and chases them out of owner’s house without being bitten

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yys5vrxbfwf2ccp/VRP29503.mp4?dl=0

A talented dog has the ability to detect snakes and make them leave his owner’s house without being bitten.

Footage shows the pooch barking at the reptile that slithered into their home in Bangkok, Thailand on April 19.

The fearless black and white dog caught the snake hiding in the backyard and immediately tried to scare it away while the snake stood watching.

The pet owner said that snakes usually come to their house because they lived near the forest but the dog was helpful in driving them away.

He said: ‘Snakes come to my house at least once a month and my dog will search everywhere until it detects the unfriendly beings.’

The snake eventually left unscathed without harming the dog.