Thai police hunt American man suspected of murdering four-month pregnant wife


Thai police were today (May 6) hunting an American fugitive suspected of murdering his four-month pregnant wife.

Jason Matthew Balzer, 30, had been living with his wife Pitchaporn Kidchob, 32, in Nan province, northern Thailand, but allegedly fled earlier this week after her mysterious disappearance.

Pitchaporn’s mother Anong Tanya, 52, said she went to visit the couple as she was worried for her daughter who had not been answering her calls since May 2 afternoon.

When Anong arrived on May 3, Jason left the house riding his motorbike and carrying a bag. She was shocked when she entered the property and found bloodstains on a bed, washing machine and around the house.

Police are now searching for Balzer – who only arrived in Thailand after allegedly jumping bail on assault charges in Longmont, Colorado, in 2019.

Pitchaporn’s mother said that her son-in-law was known to have a bad temper so she rushed to check on her daughter when she failed to answer her phone.

She said: ‘They met in Phuket and dated for one year before marrying. He is known to have a bad temper so I always check on my daughter because I’m worried about her.

‘When I asked where my daughter was her husband told me something in English that I didn’t understand. He left with a bag despite a storm coming. My daughter’s things were still in the house.

‘I tried to call my daughter’s phone but Jason was holding it. He cancelled the call while it was ringing in front of me.’

More than 20 officers arrived at the home and said they found more blood in the bedroom, where a mattress was also missing. They deployed sniffer dogs to try and trace the woman and were led 15km away, where the bloodied mattress was found on May 4.

Jason’s shirt stained with blood and an air purifier was also found in nearby wasteland. CCTV footage allegedly showed him riding away while carrying a black rucksack believed to contain the clothed.

The police also interviewed the neighbours who said that the couple were allegedly heard fighting before Jason rode his motorbike out of the property days before the wife went missing on April 29.

They are currently tracing where Jason went and found CCTV footage showing he was heading to a district connected to neighbouring province Phrae.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Tanongsak Phitwitchatham said: ‘Officers are searching for the missing woman and her husband. She could be dead but we do not know until we find a body or we have interviewed the husband. It’s very suspicious that he disappeared so we need to speak with him urgently.’

Jason was released on bond for physical assault in from Longmont, Colorado in 2019 before moving to Thailand in 2020.

He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly trying to have sex with his ex-girlfriend who refused and attacked her with a gun. The charges were later downgraded to physical assault.