Van driver stops inches away from hitting child in China


This is the nerve-wracking moment a van stopped just inches away from a child running across a road in China.

CCTV footage shows the vehicle nearly missing a three-year-old girl who was going over a pedestrian crossing in Chongqing on April 27.

The white van driver slammed the brakes and drifted sideways to avoid hitting the youngster who immediately ran to her left to evade the vehicle.

The girl was unscathed but the driver was fined 200 yuan (30 USD) and reduced three points in the social credit system for failing to slow down while approaching a crosswalk.

The police who investigated the case said parents should be vigilant on the road whenever they are with children outside.

He said: ‘Guardians should keep an eye on the young ones whenever they are outside. Drivers should also be careful and follow the law to avoid accidents.’