Python rescued after getting trapped in net


A hapless 10ft-long python was rescued after entering a chicken coop to feed on the birds – only to get stuck in a net.

The snake tried to slither inside a farmer’s coop surrounded by safety mesh when the incident happened in Kamphaeng Phet province, central Thailand on May 4.

After trying to gain access to the coop, the reptile slid between the narrow gap of the net but its bulging body was stuck.

Farmer Kiettisak Joopattanakul, 47, found the animal after hearing his Beagle guard dog that was profusely barking at the snake.

Kiettisak said none of the 20 chickens in the coop were harmed so he immediately called the animal rescuers to help the snake.

He said: ‘I followed the barking sound of my dog to the coop and saw a giant python. I placed the net to protect the animals.

‘Snakes and monitor lizards often come to eat my chickens. More than ten chickens have been eaten in the past so I had to protect them.’

The rescue team started cutting the net to widen the gap and it was freed after 15 minutes. The volunteers placed the animal inside a sack and drove away with it to be released later into the wild.