Bizarre moment motorcycle speeds down road without rider


This is the bizarre moment a motorcycle sped down a road without anybody onboard in central Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the riderless motorbike ‘ghost riding’ alone for 30 seconds before it eventually crashing on a road in Rayong province on May 2.

The two-wheeler swayed onto the opposite lane and almost smashed into an oncoming car but the driver was able to slam the brakes in time.

Resident Phongsri Kittisak said the rider of the motorcycle was hit by an electrical cable that dropped overhead causing him to lose balance and fall.

He said: ‘Everything happened so fast. The motorcycle continued along the road even after the rider fell. I checked my security camera and it was able to capture the incident.’

The rider was rushed to the hospital who to be treated for injuries to his feet and back while his motorcycle was kept by one of the residents who offered to help until he was able to return and take it.

Local police were investigating how the cable fell to the ground and are looking to sanction and ask the power company to pay for the damages if they were proven to have some negligence leading to the incident.