Thai transgender beauty queen killed after being ‘electrocuted on floating raft restaurant’


A Thai transgender beauty queen was killed after allegedly being electrocuted on a floating raft restaurant.

Glamorous model Sutthichai Sri-on, 27, went to the unique attraction at a lake to have a meal with family and friends in Kalasin province, northeastern Thailand on May 2.

The beauty queen was going for a swim while their food was cooked but as she was about to jump in the water she touched a metal rail on the raft which sent electric shocks through her body.

Sutthichai was pinned to the metal then fell into the lake soon as family and friends frantically tried to help. Paramedics arrived and her body was pulled out of the water and she was given CPR before being rushed to the hospital but was later pronounced dead.

The beauty queen’s sister Phanumat Prasertsung said she tried to kick Sutthichai multiple times to move her away from the metal but her hands held tightly.

She said: ‘I tried to kick her four times but one of her hands held on to the metal so tightly. I also tried to pull her hand off the barrier but I was electrocuted too.

‘Finally, I took all my energy to kick her as hard as possible and her hand was released from gripping the metal rail. I tried my best.’

The family demanded the restaurant take responsibility. They claim the management let them use the raft even though electrical cables were dangerously attached to the metal.

Police Colonel Wichai Thongkham said they are investigating the incident and ordered the restaurant to cease operation in the meantime.

He said: ‘Sutthichai was severely injured and died at the hospital. The police are investigating to find whether the case was an accident or negligence.

‘Now, three witnesses including the restaurant’s owner were interrogated. We’re also waiting for the autopsy report to help with the case.’