Shy student asked his crush out on date… by using Google Forms

A shy student asked his crush out on date – by using Google Forms.

Aufa Dini, 21, sent the Spongebob-themed online survey form to ask Susila Nabila Supardi, 20, on a date in Malaysia.

He first asked if the girl was busy before popping her the link to the special form.

The form was decorated with memes to make it fun with some accompanying questions about her date choices.

Aufa said: ‘I was really nervous and didn’t want to make the form too serious.’

He said that he was using the online service for schoolwork and had the idea to also use it to ask his secret crush out.

The form began with ‘He Bella’ followed by the question ‘Can I take you out on a date?’ alongside several multiple choice options.

One of the questions on the form asked, ‘On a date, which of these you prefer?’ followed by options where the girl could choose one.

The choices included ceiling at a cafe, visiting a park, or the movies, but he also left a space where she was free to suggest what she wants to do.

The final question was a text box with ‘When are you free so I can take you out?’

After sending in the answers to her form, the girl Susila said she was touched by the unusual gesture.

Susila told local media that she appreciated the effort that Aufa had put in to get her attention.

She added: ‘I was shocked. I never expected a Google Form to be asked out on a date, but I feel very touched that he put in the effort.’

In the end, Aufa was able to take her out on a date on January 4 as she chose going to the zoo as their first date.

However, it was raining that day so they went to an aquarium instead and enjoyed watching marine life.