Thai man killed after being electrocuted while fixing plug socket


A Thai man was killed after being electrocuted while fixing a faulty plug socket in his house.

Nuttadech Khamboonkerd, 55, plugged a drill into the outlet but it did not work so he removed its cover and attempted to repair it on his own.

However, he was believed to have touched a live wire while fixing the socket sending electric shocks through his body until he was dead.

Businessman Nuttadech was found collapsed in front of the wall’s electrical outlet in his living room in Chumphon province on May 5.

His neighbour and friend Suwat Thongsuk, 69, found the dead man after he visited Nuttadech in the morning to have breakfast together.

Suwat said: ‘He used to come out in the morning and we’d chat and eat together. But he failed to do so that day so I went into his house. That’s when I saw him on the floor in front of the open socket.’

Paramedics arrived with the police but Nuttadech was declared dead by the rescuers. His body was taken to the hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Police Lieutenant Prasert Khongthareu said a drill was found beside the man’s body, which was laying in front of the plug socket without a cover.

He said: ‘Our investigations showed that he wanted to use a drill but there was no power coming out of the socket. He then tried to fix the outlet by himself and was electrocuted.

‘The drill was still plugged on the socket without a cover, which could have triggered the electric shocks to pass through his body. He was alone in the house at that time. We will confirm it after the autopsy report was released.’

Nuttadech’s body will be returned to his family for funeral arrangements after the post-mortem examination.