Shocking moment Chinese man abducts child as mother queues up to buy groceries

This is the shocking moment a Chinese man abducted his four-year-old son in broad daylight in front of the terrified mother.

Pichanan Lukkaew, 45, was waiting at a supermarket checkout to buy groceries with her son, Nong, when her estranged husband ran inside.

He grabbed the toddler and fled in his car. Officers are now searching for the suspect in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, amid fears he could return to China.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsak Reunkam from the Maejo District Police Station said: ‘We are currently looking for the Chinese man before he could take the boy out of the country.

‘We’ve also checked the signal of his mobile phone but he had changed his number.’

The scene was recorded by the shop’s security camera on January 11.

The boy’s mother said the alleged kidnapper was her ex-husband whom they had met earlier that day for divorce court proceedings.

She said: ‘We were not able to come to an agreement and I have been constantly harassed by him.’

The estranged couple were reportedly in the middle of an acrimonious divorce settlement and negotiating custody of the child.

After the negotiations, the Chinese man allegedly stalked them until he saw a chance to abduct the boy while they were doing groceries.

CCTV footage shows the Chinese man sprinting into the queue where the boy stood with his mother before snatching the child and running outside.

He was able to escape with the boy after driving away in his car along with his own father – the boy’s grandfather.

The frightened mother said her ex-husband had a bad temper so she is worried for her son.

She said: I am really worried about my child. My son is scared of his father and grandfather.

‘I feel sorry for my child and I fear that he will be traumatised. I know that my husband has a bad temper.’

A day later, the police found a grey Toyota Vios car parked outside a tennis court which they believe was owned by the Chinese man.

The police are still hunting for the man while airports are being alerted to prevent the man from taking the boy out of the country.