Flying debris knocks over expressway lamppost during Malaysia storm


This is the terrifying moment flying debris knocked over a lamppost during a storm in Malaysia.

Dashcam footage from a passing driver recorded the scary moment on the Kuala Lumpur Expressway during rush hour on May 6.

A large piece of debris, believed to have been blown from a nearby roof, can be seen in the video flying across the highway before hitting the light. The metal pole was then pulled over onto the opposite lane, narrowly missing oncoming vehicles.

Mindy Chua said: ‘I’m relieved that I managed to get home safe without suffering any damage. I was scared and shaking after seeing this, I was almost crying.’

Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia are at the start of their tropical monsoon rainy season. Soaring temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed by powerful tropical storms with thunder, lightning, rain, strong wind and flash floods.