Hot air balloon crashes into electricity lines in Kazakhstan


This is the shocking moment a hot air balloon crashed into electricity lines beside a motorway in Kazakhstan.

Footage shows the giant balloon slowly descending into a road when it tangled with the cables in Turan district, Shymkent City on May 6.

An electric spark was triggered when the aircraft touched the high-voltage wires cutting the power supply to almost 4,000 households in the area.

Onlooker Nurzhan Baibakhov said no one was hurt in the incident as the basket was empty and the motorists were able to evade the balloon.

He said: ‘We noticed something was wrong from distance because it was heading to the road. The drivers stopped before it could crash on them but then it hit the power lines.’

A repair team was sent to the area to clear the balloon and began fixing the affected cables and restored the electricity after 24 hours.

The local police arrived to investigate the incident and found that the balloon was owned by a businessman who lived nearby.

One of the officers told local media. He said: ‘The hot air balloon was reported to have been blown away by a strong gust of wind. The owner was not able to control it then before it reached the road.’

The owner apologised to the residents but was charged by the Karatau District Police Department with careless destruction and damage to property.